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Injured in Albany GA by a big 18 wheeler?

The Process Of Filing An 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawsuit In Albany

On being involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler truck in Albany, it is advisable that you call the truck accident lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. immediately by calling 1-888-579-1790. Collision cases involving huge trucks are more complex than collisions with ordinary cars and as such, the litigation involved in filing a truck accident lawsuit mandates that you get quality legal representation as soon as possible.

Truck accidents are often more serious and they result in more serious and debilitating injuries for the unfortunate victims. In extreme circumstances, these collisions can even lead to death. If you or a member of your immediate family is involved in an 18-wheeler accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the parties liable for causing the accident.

Why Should I Engage a Lawyer As Soon As Possible After a Truck Accident?

Truck accident cases often involve the violation of numerous federal and state laws. To craft a strong case, it is important that you give your lawyer adequate time to review your case, identify all the at-fault parties, collect evidence and create a formidable claim.

Remember that after an accident, all at-fault parties will scramble to mitigate their liability. Because of the huge liability insurance for heavy trucks, all interested parties will fight tooth and nail to minimize the compensation due to you. To ensure that your rights are protected in the midst of the conflicting interests of all parties involved in the accident, it is best that you acquire the services of one of our experienced truck lawyers.

At the law firm of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we know that no amount of compensation can take away the pain of your injuries and any wrongful death that may have happened in an accident. As you are recuperating from your injuries and trying to piece your life back together, our attorneys will toil hard to get you justice and financial compensation to mitigate any expenses that you accrue as a result of the accident.

After a truck collision, you already have a lot of stress. Instead of worrying about how you will recover the damages and losses that you sustained, we want you to focus on healing as quickly as possible. Our lawyers will take away the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and at-fault parties and their representatives.

Who Can I Sue After An 18-Wheeler Accident in Albany?

One of the reasons why heavy truck lawsuits are complicated is the fact that as a victim, you can pursue compensation from very many parties. Without legal experience, identifying and holding all liable parties into account can be a daunting task. This is where our personal injury attorneys come in. After extensively pursuing truck accident for many years, we have the experience needed to review your case and identify all the parties who may be held accountable for your accident. Additionally, we also have extensive knowledge on the types of claims you can file for different at-fault parties depending on the nature of your accident.

In most heavy truck accident lawsuits, the parties that are commonly liable include:

1. The Driver of The Truck

Truck drivers who drive negligently without minding the welfare of other road users can be held liable if their actions lead to an accident. Additionally, the direct employer of the at-fault driver can be held liable through the common law doctrine of vicarious liability.

2. The Trucking Company

The trucking company that employs the negligent driver who caused an accident can be held liable for failure to maintain proper corporate policies such as properly training the driver, carrying out regular drug tests and failure to properly maintain the truck involved in the accident.

3. The Insurance Company for The Trucking Company

In Albany, victims who sustain injuries in a trucking accident can sue the insurer to the trucking company alone or in conjunction with the at-fault driver and their trucking company.

4. The Fleet Maintenance Company

If a truck accident happens because the company in charge of keeping the truck in good condition failed to do their job, you can pursue a personal injury claim against the fleet maintenance company.

5. Entity In charge of Road Maintenance

If an 18-wheeler accident happens because there are no signs warning drivers of road defects or hazards, then you can pursue a claim against the entity that is charged with road maintenance in the area where an accident occurs.

6. The Manufacturer of The Truck

If the occurrence of an accident can be attributed to defects in the design and mechanics of an 18-wheeler truck, then the manufacturer of the truck can be held accountable for any damages sustained as a result of the accident.

Given the high number of parties who can be at-fault when a truck accident occurs, it is best that you engage our highly skilled and experienced Albany truck accident attorneys as soon as an accident happens. On contacting us, we will evaluate all the facts about your case and evaluate all available evidence so as to identify all the parties who can be held accountable for your accident. Call Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. truck collision lawyers through today through 1-888-579-1790 to get a free no-obligation case evaluation.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Lawsuit Worth?

The value of each case usually depends on the nature of the case, the facts surrounding the occurrence of the accident and other factors. After evaluating all the aspects of your case, our experienced truck accident attorneys can help you understand how much you should receive for the losses and injuries that you sustain in an 18-wheeler accident.

When our lawyers are calculating the value of your case, they will consider the following:

• The parties who can be held accountable for your accident
• All the facts on how your accident happened
• The extent of your injuries
• Any disfigurement and life changing disability that you get in an accident
• The type of accident that you were involved in
• The medical expenses and treatment costs you have accumulated to date
• Any lost earnings because of the accident
• Any future earnings that you may lose as a result of the accident
• Any future medical procedures or treatment that you may need in future
• Whether it is possible to get punitive damages in your case
• Claims that you have filed in the past

The total value of your case will be a combination of compensation for economic damages you sustain, non-economic damages sustained and punitive damages against the at-fault parties who are included in your lawsuit.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Case?

The time taken to settle an 18-wheeler accident usually varies depending on the nature of your case. Some of the factors that will influence the time it takes to settle your case may include:

• The amount that you are willing to settle for – If you take the first offer given to you by the at-fault parties, then your case will be concluded much sooner. It is however important to note that you should not take the first offer given to you by at-fault parties. In most instances, the first compensation offer sent your way will be much less than you actually deserve. Instead of taking the first offer, it is better that you let our attorneys negotiate a better settlement that is proportionate to your injuries, loss and suffering.

• The extent of your injuries – Before starting settlement negotiations, your insurance company may insist that you first recover so that they can gauge the medical expenses that they should pay for. If you sustained serious injuries that require a lot of time to heal, this may push back the time it takes to get your case settled.

There are very many other factors that affect the time it takes to settle your case. However, do not fret. No matter the nature of your case and the time it takes to get the resolved, we can guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way and we will fight to the very end to ensure that you get every dime owed to you as compensation.

When Should I File My Albany Truck Accident Lawsuit?

In Albany, there is a statute of limitations on the time that can elapse before a truck accident victim lodges a personal injury case against at-fault parties.

If you do not want your personal injury claim kicked out on a technicality, you should ensure that your case is filed within a period of 2 years from the time of the accident. Given the heavy research and preparation that goes into filing a thorough and formidable truck accident lawsuit, it is best that you call our truck accident attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. as soon as possible after your accident.

Why Is It Best to Entrust My Truck Accident Lawsuit to An Experienced Lawyer?

As mentioned earlier, these lawsuits are very complex and daunting. To get compensation after filing an 18-wheeler lawsuit in Albany, you have to prove negligence on the part of the at-fault parties. To prove negligence, you have to carry out intense investigations to find evidence proving that the at-fault parties acted negligently or they omitted certain critical actions they were supposed to perform.

After an accident, you will not have the energy, strength or resources to carry out this work. The duty of collecting evidence is best left to our skilled 18-wheeler truck accident lawyers. On entrusting us to fight for your justice and compensation, our lawyers will do the requisite research and collect evidence to prove negligence. Some of the evidence that we will collect will include:

• Testimonies given by expert witnesses and witnesses who saw the accident occur
• Photographic and video recording of the scene where the accident occurred
• The maintenance records of the truck
• Eyewitness reports
• The driving record of the driver, toxicology report and medical records

All in all, you can be sure that our lawyers will leave no stone unturned in their quest to get you justice and fair compensation from all at fault parties.

What Are Some of The Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Albany?

Georgia has some of the highest truck accident fatalities in the entire United States. Some of the factors that contribute to this high number of fatalities include:

• Driving while under the influence of illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages
• Dangerous driving
• Failure to comply with traffic regulations
• Improper truck maintenance
• Drivers with extremely huge payloads
• Driving above the recommended speed limit
• Sleepy drivers getting behind the wheel

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At the law offices of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we will always put your interests first. As you are recuperating, let us hold those responsible for putting you through this rough experience accountable. Call 1-888-579-1790 to speak with the top 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Albany today.

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